Communicate Powerfully - Crush Your Delivery!

Presented by Wilny Audain

Almost 86% percent of our success in life stems from our ability to communicate effectively. If you are ambitious, committed, or highly educated without mastering this great skill, you will have a low probability of success. Professional judgements are made daily based on what we say, how and when we say it.

Learn how to convey relevant content-- internally and externally-- in a way they remember: Fact-to-face, electronically, written communications, instructional classes, meetings, panels, even informal online huddles. Stack the success odds in your favor by honing your communication skills to the most optimal level!

Learning Objectives:

  • Discover and Master the Top 10 Challenges of Communication
  • Capture Credibility and Attention From your First Word
  • Share Information with Confidence, Clarity, Conviction
  • Master the art of “Sticky Content”
  • Use Best Practices to Maximize Strengths and Opportunities for Growth & Productivity
  • Focus Pocus! Enhance a High R.O.I. (Return on Interaction)
  • Put Traction and Action into all the Distraction!
  • What’s Your Point? Fine Tune to Convey News They Can Use!
  • Quickly Handle Interruptions with Tact
  • Deal with the 5 Scariest Types of Communicators
  • Stress Busting Strategies Before You Communicate!
  • Respond Professionally –even if you may not know the answer!

Presenting Yourself: Taping Back Into the Art of Presentations, Communication, and “You”

Presented by Michael Leone

Presentations don’t just happen in the board room, on Zoom, or via Teams. They happen all day long. Every interaction is a mini-presentation and opportunity to impact, influence, and both make your points land and help others’ to be heard. In this interactive experience, you are invited to tap back into the best version of You at work by:

• Learning key tactics to be memorable, engaging, and more so that you can inspire change.

• Learning to leverage your unique experience so that your presentations go from boring to soaring.

• Learning how to go from “Snore” to “Score” by using storytelling to engage your audience.

• Putting these tactics to use during the training in order to lock in the learning and build confidence to go even further!