Reduce waste, enhance security, and improve efficiency by switching to E-Statements

E-Statements offer members the following benefits:

  • Faster delivery. E-Statements are available online days before you would receive them in the mail.
  • Automatic Alerts: Members receive an email notice when statements are available.
  • Easy online access and retrieval. Choose to view, save on your computer, or print at home.
  • Enhanced security. Eliminate statements sitting in your mailbox unattended.
  • Reduce mailbox clutter and eliminate the mistake of accidentally tossing your statement in the junk pile.
  • Automatic storage of your statements for up to 18 months.
  • Save the planet. Choosing to go paperless saves trees, reduces chemical usage, and lowers the carbon footprint associated with paper manufacturing, printing, and statement transportation.

Registration is easy; simply log into Online Banking and click Online Services E-Statements from the top of the screen. Read and accept the disclosure to enroll. If you need assistance, please call 570-326-3636 option 0 to speak to one of our Account Solutions professionals.