Business Schedule of Fees & Charges

Service Fee
ATM Transaction Fee* $3.00 each
Checking Account Check Deposit Fee (in excess of 300 checks per month) $0.25 per check
Check Order Price Varies
Credit Union Check (if payable to member only, there is no charge) $2.00 each
Dormant Account** $10.00 per month
Information Retrieval Fee $3.00 each
Money Order $2.00 each
Non-Sufficient Funds Fee $35.00 each
Overdraft Protection Fee $35.00 each
Overnight Document Shipping $30.00 each
Reissue/Replace Card (MasterCard or Debit Card) $15.00 each
Returned Item Fee (ACH/Draft/Deposit) $35.00 each
Returned Payment (MasterCard) $25.00 each
Stop Payment Fee (ACH, Bill Pay, CU Check, Member Check & Money Order) $25.00 each/$25.00 series
Transfer without Prior Request $3.00 each
Wire Transfer - Domestic Incoming $20.00 each
Wire Transfer - Domestic Outgoing $30.00 each

* 5 free ATM transactions per month (for accounts that do not participate in Rewards Based accounts)
** An account that has note had qualified activity for 12 months or longer. Check cashing is not recognized as account activity