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Important Announcement Regarding this year's Expand Expo

For all of our attendees and vendors who were looking forward to attend Expand Expo 2020, we share your disappointment in announcing the cancelation of this year's event.

This difficult decision was based on the current climate surrounding the COVID-19 pandemic, and uncertainty if we would be able to hold an event of this magnitude with the number of expected attendees, vendors, and food in September. We are aware those attending would be required to make travel plans in advance, and the longer we wait to make this decision, the more of an inconvenience it will be for individuals to cancel their travel reservations.

We are fully committed to hosting Expand Expo 2021 at the Kalahari Resort on October 24-28, 2021 and have secured most of our lineup to present at next year's event. Full details will be available this fall. If you have already booked a room at the Kalahari, you can cancel your reservation by calling them directly at 608-254-5425.

Join us this September for a premier training and development event designed specifically for credit union professionals, created by credit union professionals. Embark on a deep-dive education each day by attending full-day workshops, learning about topics which will help you grow, increase performance, and exceed your goals. Hear from best-selling author Mark Sanborn as he discusses how to live intentionally from his latest book, The Intention Imperative. Network with an anticipated 300 additional credit union professionals during meals and entertainment, all included with your registration.

Sunday Keynote - The Intention Imperative

Mark Sanborn
Mark Sanborn
President, Sanborn & Associates, Inc.

Nobody ever got to the top of Mount Everest accidentally. Summiting the highest peak in the world takes clarity and intention AND so does leading successfully.

Intentional Leadership = clarity (knowing clearly where you want to go) + intentionality (taking consistent action to get there). Clarity without consistent action is daydreaming. Consistent action without clarity is wasted time and effort.

Just as the tools of successful mountaineering have changed and improved over time, so have the requirements of intentional leadership. Based on 33 years of working with organizations globally, teaching leaders and observing powerful shifts, Mark has identified three essential areas of focus for leaders in the world:

  • Inspiration: motivation to the power of purpose
  • Culture: creating an engine that sustains vision and values while achieving desired results
  • Emotion: designing and delivering positive emotions for customers and employees

In his keynote, Mark will explain how five very different businesses use clarity of purpose and consistent action to flourish in their given fields. He will show how they have harnessed and successfully employed the three
essentials in their practices and how it is possible to improve your own business dramatically by learning from these real-world examples.

All attendees will receive a copy of Mark's book, The Intention Imperative.

Meet the Presenters

Expand Expo is proud of our array of tremendous presenters. 16 industry experts will be on hand, presenting tips and techniques to grow and develop in your role, and properly prepare you for future growth within your credit union. 

Click on any of the presenters’ photos below to view their detailed bio:

Discover the Training Topics

Expand Expo puts the training and development back into conferences. Most conferences offer a handful of 60-minute breakout sessions; without sufficient time for more than just a high-level overview of the topic. Expand Expo offers 18 distinct full-day workshops on topics specifically geared towards credit union professionals. Eight workshops are offered each day. Most are offered consecutive days, allowing you the flexibility to attend the workshops most critical to your area of responsibility within the credit union.

Andrew Okolski

ALM Management, Regulatory Scrutiny & Economic Trends

Presented by Andrew Okolski, Director of Credit Union and Municipality Strategies at The Baker Group LP
Monday & Tuesday

More Info

Economic trends and regulatory decisions can have a direct impact on your credit union’s bottom line. CEOs and CFOs must proactively get ahead of the curve and develop a plan for success in each economic environment. Join us in this workshop as we explore the following:

  • Understand NCUA’s approach to risk management, past and present, to learn how your examiner views your credit union’s balance sheet.
  • Learn how to effectively monitor and manage your liquidity position.
  • Utilize historical balance sheet performance to forecast future rate sensitivities.
  • Net Economic Value and NEV Supervisory Test – Deep dive into the assumptions & methodologies that WILL impact your strategic options
  • Income Simulation – Understanding assumptions and interpreting your results to properly balance performance & risk
  • Learn how to put it all together – by building a successful and achievable strategic plan based on your ALM and regulatory positions.
Celeste Cook

Executive Roundtable

Presented by Celeste Cook, founder and President/CEO of cuStrategies LLC

More Info

Credit unions across the nation must find ways to become more innovative and relevant for growth, responsive to the needs of their members, and develop a strategic plan focused on growth, profitability, and member retention.

  • Explore a holistic leadership perspective to create a culture for long-term loan growth and profitability
  • Understand current economic trends and how they will impact your credit union
  • Identify the Seven P’s that impact growth, profitability, and member retention
  • Explore what you can do to become more strategic about lending
  • Discover ways to create win/win solutions to help grow your credit union
  • Determine the best approach to motivate and engage employees
  • Determine the best approach to become more relevant to retain existing members and attract new ones.
Brett Christensen

Consumer Lending for Loan Officers

Presented by Brett Christensen, owner of CU Lending Advice LLC
Monday & Tuesday

More Info

Lending is really all about attitude, and every members’ situation is unique. Join us for this   must-attend workshop for all credit union consumer lenders.  Topics to be covered include:

  • Reasons to Take on More Risk when Lending
  • Learn the Four Things that Must Get Done in a Consumer Loan Interview
  • Discover the Interview Questions to Ask that Don’t Show up on Software
  • Create a Good Notes Page Looks Like
  • Improve Individual Sales Skills, including ancillary insurance products
  • Discover the reasons why you should be taking on more risk when lending, and learn mandatory steps to successfully lend to higher-risk members
  • How to Give a Firm Close
  • Communicating Denials
  • Recent Changes Made to the FICO Score
  • Six Underwriting Approaches Needed to Maximize Lending
  • Bankruptcy Predictors
  • Debt Ratio Analysis
  • Loan-to-Value Analysis
  • Secured & Unsecured Guidelines
  • Total & Unsecured Debt Ratio Analysis
  • Self-employed Borrowers
  • Debt Consolidation Loans
  • Lending Money on Old Collateral
  • Real Risk Factors vs. Not-so-Real Risk Factors
Kat Anstine

Branding Your Credit Union

Presented by Kat Anstine
Monday & Tuesday

More Info

Making a positive impact while attracting like-minded and loyal members, starts with branding. You have to be able to clearly articulate and show your ultimate purpose through every single touch point. It's important to know how to assess where your brand and marketing currently stands, discover your authentic and unique differentiation and identify consistent threads that start to form your brand's personality. By formulating how your credit union looks, feels and sounds, your team will know how to consistently demonstrate and live it. You’ll receive customizable templates, resources and enjoy real-time exercises that will prepare you to take your credit union to the next level.  

  • Conducting a brand competitive analysis
  • Developing a marketing & content scorecard
  • Exploring branding exercises
  • Positioning rules and statement
  • Discussing brand and culture alignment
Ancin Cooley

Your Role as a Supervisory Committee Member

Presented by Ancin Cooley, CIA, CISA, Founder and Principal of Synergy Credit Union Consulting, Inc.

More Info

The supervisory committee serves an important function in credit unions. It is tasked with asking the tough questions and following up on findings with management to ensure that remediation takes place. How do you know if you are doing everything effectively?

  • Understand your role as a supervisory committee member.
    • Develop core competencies
    • Establish expectations
    • Review your Committee Charter
    • Your role as the Supervisory Committee Chairperson
  • Understand the regulatory environment.
  • Define Risk Management, and understanding risk in the content of credit unions.
  • Learn how to create an effective risk assessment.
  • Understand how to cultivate a relationship with the internal and external auditors and consultants.
  • Review the various audit reports.
  • Understand your credit union's strategic objectives.
  • Perform a resource assessment
  • How to have critical conversations with management and the Board.
Michael Leone

Conflict, Rapport and "You": Overcoming the Hurdles of Emotion in Order to have Breakthrough Conversations at Work (and Everywhere Else)

Presented by Michael Leone, Training & Development Manager for Widget Financial

More Info

In business, and all of life, connecting with others is more vital now than ever before. Every day our members and our employees face an almost overwhelming onslaught from social media, phones, tablets, smart watches, and the seemingly endless number of streaming services that demand our employees’ and members’ time.  Consequently, each and every in-person communication is that much more important.  In other words, the skills we have to develop rapport and turn conflict into conversation are more vital than ever.  And that’s where this workshop comes in. 

In this workshop, you will learn:

  • How to short circuit the flight, flight or flee process in order to be present in challenging conversations
  • How to connect to others in a deeper way in order to build connection, trust, and loyalty
  • How to navigate difficult conversations with employees and members
  • How to stay present with everyone you are speaking to, making them the “Star” of the conversation
  • Why conflict and rapport will always be key factors in communication, and how to leverage that to be successful - even if you think you already have them mastered
Matthew D. Urban


Presented by Matthew D. Urban, Attorney
Monday & Tuesday

More Info

Collections used to be straightforward. Today, a complex maze of collection regulations and requirements may make you feel you need an advanced degree to sort out what you can and cannot do when contacting the member. Fortunately it does not have to be complicated. Please join us for this workshop as we will discuss:

  • The ABCs of Collections
  • A Credit Union's guide to BSA (earn your BSA certification for 2020!)
  • Understanding the Fair Credit Reporting Act and your obligations to accurately report member disputes
  • The Service-member's Civil Relief Act and repossessions and judgments
  • Bankruptcy and Foreclosure 101
  • Collections and Compliance letters, calls, texts, and e-mails
  • How to handle member cease and desist requests
Dennis McIntee

Drama Free Leadership

Presented by Dennis McIntee
Monday & Tuesday

More Info

Leading a high-trust, high-performance team that gets results is possible. It’s also possible to do it without putting in more hours and working harder. Creating an ownership culture free of drama, victim mentalities, and blame assigning helps leaders leverage their most valuable asset- -their team members. This interactive workshop will give you the practical skills you need to eliminate all the excuses not only from your team, but every relationship today.

Learning Objectives:

  • Discover the two trust-building skills necessary to create buy-in with your team
  • Understand how to remove emotion from situations to facilitate change
  • Develop the two skills for giving effective feedback that won’t leave your employees feeling defensive
  • Learn the coaching questions that are guaranteed to create ownership within your team
  • Increase your ability to discern motives so you can skip the drama and get to the heart of issues faster.
Ancin Cooley

Leading the Leaders – Training for Board Members

Presented by Ancin Cooley, CIA, CISA, Founder and Principal of Synergy Credit Union Consulting, Inc.

More Info

The presence of strong Board leadership creates a sustainable advantage for a credit union. However, in the absence of Board leadership, a credit union will likely suffer financially, and ultimately hurt its members. Finding the right balance between Board and management leadership is essential to creating sustainable culture, reducing risk, and providing value to members.

This workshop/course will provide attendees with a practical road map for knowing when to lead, when to partner, and when to stay out of the way.

  • Conduct Effective Board Evaluations
  • Deal with underperforming Directors
  • Discuss and implement Term Limits
  • Develop effective Board committee charters
  • Ensure Board Competence
  • Develop a Risk Appetite and Risk Tolerance statements
  • Develop strategic goals Goal Choices
  • Effective prepare and address management and Board Succession
  • Your Role As the Chairman
  • Identify a falling CEO
  • When to stay out of the way
  • What is our risk appetite
  • What do succession plans and insurance have in common?
  • We all know he’s difficult, now what?
  • Exercise: Conduct a Board and CEO Evaluation
Randi Marmer

Creating an Exceptional Financial Literacy Program

Presented by Randi Marmer, Assistant Vice President of Public Relations at TruMark Financial® Credit Union

More Info

Many credit unions seek to partner with local schools to offer financial literacy programs to educate students into making smarter financial decisions. The struggle is how to effectively implement a program, and enhance it to create an exceptional experience for the students, school, and credit union.

  • Understand the dire need for financial literacy in the classroom
  • Learn how to effectively cultivate and enhance relationships with schools and educators
  • Understand the services credit union professionals can provide as third-party experts
  • Discuss the level commitment to student branches, and discover if they really impact your credit union’s bottom line
  • Expand your program beyond the classroom with unique initiatives that make an impact and increases your credit union’s awareness within the community
Blaine Rada

Mortgages – Grow the Relationship, Grow the Business

Presented by Blaine Rada, Senior National Trainer & Instructional Designer for Arch MI
Tuesday & Wednesday

More Info

Mortgage revenue directly impacts your credit union's bottom line. You can increase sales by differentiating yourself from the competition to become the best choice for mortgages among homebuyers and real estate agents.

  • Enhance your reputation by aligning your market, message, and media
  • Discover untapped markets for additional business
  • Learn how to become a trusted advocate for your borrowers, and learn what they value in a lender
  • Discover how to create unique competitive advantages
  • Examine a framework for selecting real estate partners
  • Learn the disciplines necessary to elevate your skills, and how to put together a plan to achieve your goals
Justin Robinson

Lending Compliance

Presented by Justin Robinson, Director in the Financial Institutions division of CliftonLarsonAllen

More Info

Compliance can be a complicated and confusing area for credit unions. Compliance requirements come from a variety of sources including Regulations, Letters to Credit Unions, Staff Commentary, Implementation Guides, etc. Successful compliance programs are administered by credit union staff who understand the regulatory requirements and best practices to address those requirements. Join us for this workshop to help make sense of these federal consumer protection compliance requirements.

Topics covered include:

  • Consumer lending regulatory requirements and best practices
  • Adverse Actions: regulation B and the FCRA
  • BSA: Hot topics and common errors
  • Lending to military members - MLA and SCRA
  • Marketing loan products
Andrew Okolski

Utilizing Wholesale Markets to Enhance Your Retail Business Lines

Presented by Andrew Okolski, Director of Credit Union and Municipality Strategies at The Baker Group LP
Wednesday & Thursday

More Info

Remember our guiding principles, credit unions exist for our members. We can utilize wholesale markets to deliver real value as well as real dollars to your members. Join us in the workshop as we explore the following:

  • Learn how to maximize your options as a balance sheet manager  with an Introduction to all wholesale markets
  • Understand how wholesale markets work and how to include them in your strategic initiatives
  • Discover ways to increase loan performance through participations and sales
  • Learn how to stabilize your funding through borrowing and non-member deposit strategies
  • Learn how to build an investment portfolio that enhances your performance and hedges your risks – Using your ALM results as a foundation
  • Understand how focusing directly on earnings can drive increased member value
Celeste Cook

Leading Change for Growth

Presented by Celeste Cook, founder and President/CEO of cuStrategies LLC
Wednesday & Thursday

More Info

Organizational change is one of today’s most difficult leadership challenges. Credit unions across the nation must find ways to lead and manage change as well as continual disruptions more efficiently and effectively. Successful credit unions must be quick and nimble in their efforts to be responsive to the ever-changing environment internally and externally.

  • Explore a holistic approach to leading and managing change
  • Identify obstacles that can impede the Change Process
  • Discover ways to overcome barriers and bottlenecks to better effectuate change
  • Explore key strategies to lead change effectively
  • Determine the best approach to get buy-in in the Organizational Change process
Brett Christensen

Consumer Lending for Managers

Presented by Brett Christensen, owner of CU Lending Advice LLC
Wednesday & Thursday

More Info

This training program is designed for credit union CEOS, lending managers and aspiring lending managers to receive knowledge that will improve their department’s overall lending and sales results.  The following topics will be covered, with specific advice and best practices offered:

  • Discuss strategies to significantly improve loan and sales productivity per employee.
  • Learn to keep loan product and rate designs simple and effective to become more competitive in this highly-competitive lending environment
  • Learn the advantages and disadvantages of each loan delivery channel, and discover which channel will lead you to better results
  • Create your Loan Department Organization to best achieve long-term success
  • Discover how to write loan policy provisions to empower you to make as many good loans as possible
  • Discover the benefits between a centralized or decentralized lending operation, and find out which structure positions you for loan growth and success
  • Learn how to create a powerful sales culture
  • Discuss how to leverage your indirect lending program, collections department, and more
Kurt KlassenJustin Kroop

Designing The Best Branch Experience In An Omni-Channel World

Presented by Kurt Klassen and Justin Kroop from Level5
Wednesday & Thursday

More Info

Over the past 15 years, Level5 has partnered with hundreds of banks and credit unions to help them grow and improve performance. For most credit unions, the local branch is the first point of contact for your members. Today, your branch design begins the experience your member has with your credit union, and is a major representation on your credit union’s culture and brand.

  • Understand critical market drivers
  • What lessons can be learned from non-banking retailers
  • How to understand key strategic zones in a branch
  • Understand the 7 Deadly Sins of a Bad Branch
  • Brainstorm with attendees throughout several interactive breakouts
Brian Scott

Leverage Your Credit Card Program for Success

Presented by Brian Scott, Chief Growth Officer of Account Management, Sales and Solutions Consulting at PSCU
Wednesday & Thursday

More Info

Approximately 75% of adult Americans have a credit card. The average person has over $5,500 in credit card debt, with an average interest rate of 19%. This is why a robust credit card program can have a positive impact on your credit union’s bottom line while simultaneously saving your members money each month in interest.

PSCU is the nation’s premier payments CUSO, proudly partnering with credit unions to help them grow and meet evolving member demands. Leveraging digital technology, PSCU now supports the success of more than 1,500 credit unions, representing more than 3.8 billion transactions annually. A team of PSCU speakers, led by Brian Scott, will present on the payments industry current landscape and emerging trends. Discussion will include:

  • Creating Exceptional Payment Experiences 
    • Technology and consumer expectations are rapidly evolving and creating huge opportunities in payments. Learn how user design experience research and integration can enable competitive and exceptional consumer experiences. 
  • The value a credit unions card portfolios can bring to the organization
  • Leveraging artificial intelligence to fight fraud in new ways
  • Improving delinquency management to control risk and position for growth
Ancin Cooley

Project Management

Presented by Ancin Cooley, CIA, CISA, Founder and Principal of Synergy Credit Union Consulting, Inc.
Wednesday & Thursday

More Info

Poor project management can cost financial institutions wasted time, money, and resources. Precise execution of projects and programs is imperative to cost containment, sustainability, growth, and profitability. This seminar uses relevant and timely project examples, such as fixing regulatory findings and implementing regulatory changes, and helps participants strengthen their project management competency.

  • Understand the purpose and process of project management
  • Learn how to create project teams that can quickly address regulatory findings
  • Ensure your projects are set-up for success from the start
  • Develop an integrated project plan including realistic scope, schedules, budgets, and risks—and turn that plan into successful action
  • Learn how to effectively track and report on project progress
Justin Robinson

Real Estate Compliance

Presented by Justin Robinson, Director in the Financial Institutions division of CliftonLarsonAllen

More Info

This workshop focuses on compliance regulations and concerns specific to real estate lending. Participants are not required to attend the Wednesday Compliance workshop if they are solely interested in Real Estate Compliance.

Topics covered include:

  • Regulation Z: Real Estate Lending Origination (TRID focus)
  • Home Mortgage Disclosure Act: Common mistakes and best practices
  • Flood rules
  • Fair Lending Basics, including review of the Fair Housing Act
  • Review of new rules, regulations, and examiner focus

Top Takeaways

  • Learn innovative strategies to improve performance and positively impact your credit union’s bottom line.
  • A training that balances high-level strategic philosophy with detailed integration into daily operations
  • Networking with peers at other credit unions
  • Introduction and awareness of valuable partners to assist with Credit Union performance

Who Should Attend?

  • Credit Union employees in lending
  • Credit union employees who engage directly with members
  • Credit Union employees that aspire to be leaders
  • Credit Union management
  • Credit Union executives

Time Frame

  • Sunday, September 13, 2020 through Thursday, September 17, 2020

Vendor Show

  • Monday Vendor Show from 11:45am to 12:45pm; 2:45pm – 3:15pm, and  4:30pm to 6:00pm
  • Tuesday Vendor Show from 8:00am – 9:00am, 11:45am to 12:45pm and 2:45pm to 3:15pm

Other information

  • Lunch will be provided to attendees each day of the conference (Monday through Thursday)
  • Afternoon snack and networking breaks will be provided to attendees Monday through Wednesday
  • Welcome reception will be held Sunday and Monday evenings
  • Dinner with entertainment from The Fun Pianos will be held Wednesday evening


  • $695 per Attendee
  • Space is limited so sign up early

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Top Takeaways for Your Business

  • Dedicated exhibit hours with events to drive traffic
  • 1-on-1 conversations with credit union decision makers
  • Valuable face-time with current and potential clients

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