Decisioning in Risk-Based Lending

Presented by Dr. Randy Thompson

Providing quality lending products to members is the core purpose of all credit unions. In this course, participants will focus on how to extend loans to members in a manner that manages risk, assures a fair return, and creates strong, long-lasting relationships with them. We will examine two key aspects of credit risk, including extended and expended risk. We will also explore a creative method for examining the risk profiles of distinct and varying members, with the ultimate goal of what NCUA describes as “reaching out to the underserved and making loans we would otherwise avoid” in order to help an expanded portion of your membership.

  • Explore the core characteristics of member credit-worthiness.
  • Learn how to reach out and serve more of your members while managing risk.
  • Learn how to say “yes” to the right member loans.
  • Understand regulatory guidance and how it relates to expanded lending opportunities.
  • Apply these skills and knowledge sets to real-life scenarios.

Effective Risk-Based Pricing

Presented by Dr. Randy Thompson

According to NCUA Guidance Letter 174, “…the key to effective risk-based lending is to ensure that prices (rates) correctly reflect the risk and costs involved in each loan." In this course, we will examine effective methods of identifying and quantifying costs for each loan type, and then create rates that are fair to both the member and the credit union. We will review how effective risk-based pricing addresses and minimizes expended risk and enhances returns on loans. We will also examine how profitability is enhanced through effective cost-based pricing.

  • Expand your knowledge and understanding of the components of credit risk.
  • Analyze the comprehensive costs associated with your lending activities.
  • Explore the relationship between loan risk grades and acceptable loan rates and margins.
  • Learn how to measure and minimize “expended risk.”
  • Create loan pricing strategies for various loan types and grades.

Effective Loan Management

Presented by Dr. Randy Thompson

Underwriting, funding, and documenting loans is only about 50% of the job of a loan department. Once a loan is on the books, the other 50% begins. This course will explore the ways in which loan staff can minimize risk, reduce losses, and actually empower marketing efforts to continually grow the loan portfolio. We will explore what Credit Migration is, and how it can be applied in Portfolio Management in the ongoing management of loans. We will demonstrate how effective Portfolio Management techniques may significantly reduce losses and create a ripple effect with RAO and ACL.

  • Meet Ruth, Henry, Liz, and John, and learn how they affect credit risk in your loan portfolio.
  • Create strategies to identify rising risks and take early action to manage them.
  • Create strategies to identify emerging loan opportunities in your portfolio and increase loan performance.
  • Apply portfolio management techniques to control losses and minimize ACL exposure.

Consumer Lending for Front Line Staff

Presented by Don Arkell

If you are involved in the lending process at your credit union, you won't want to miss this workshop. Don Arkell is a sought-after trainer and consultant. This all-day engaging and entertaining session will empower you to make great loan decisions and earn more of your members’ business. Topics include:

  • What must happen in every loan interview.
  • Gain more of your members' business.
  • Spot three bankruptcy predictors, and learn how to deal with them.
  • Break out of the lending boxes that bind you.
  • Selling value in a competitive landscape.
  • Increase sales of ancillary products.

Strategic Lending for Lending Managers

Presented by Don Arkell

In this course, you and your management team will learn the tactics and strategies of top-performing credit unions around the country. This full-day course is educational, entertaining, and will accelerate your lending results to higher levels! Topics include:

  • Overview of the competitive landscape and disruptive lenders.
  • Organizing your Lending Department.
  • Developing a lending sales culture.
  • Improving your credit union's ROA through lending.
  • How to grow your direct auto portfolio.
  • And more!