Consumer Lending for Front Line Staff

Presented by Don Arkell
Monday & Tuesday

If you are involved in the lending process at your credit union, you won't want to miss this workshop. Don Arkell is a sought after trainer and consultant. This all day engaging and entertaining session will empower you to make great loan decisions and earn more of your member’s business. 

This course is designed for loan officers, member service representatives and all lending professionals looking to refresh their lending expertise; this session will cover lending’s critical essentials and best practices for lending success including the following topics & more: 

  • What must happen in every loan interview 
  • Gain more of your member’s business 
  • Follow the guidelines for secured and unsecured lending 
  • Teach FICO scores to members, including how to improve them 
  • Spot three bankruptcy predictors and how to deal with them 
  • Responsibly underwrite high-risk loans 
  • Break out of the Lending Boxes that Bind You 
  • Appropriate Collateral 
  • Underwriting Traps 
  • Real Risk Factors 
  • Selling value in a competitive landscape 
  • Sell more ancillary products

Strategic Lending for Lending Managers

Presented by Don Arkell

In this all day course you and your management team will learn the tactics and strategies of top performing credit unions around the country. This full day course is educational, entertaining and will accelerate your Lending results to higher levels. 

We will cover a wide variety of topics and give you actionable steps and information to increase your loan to share ratio, decrease expenses and deliver loans to your members in a modern engaging process. 

Topics include:

  • Overview of the Competitive Landscape and Disruptive Lenders 
  • Machine Learning and AI in Consumer Lending 
  • Loan Department Organization 
  • Loan Policy Revisions 
  • Centralized or Decentralized Lending Operation 
  • Indirect Lending 
  • Successful Collections 
  • Sales Culture Development 
  • Setting up a loan department for maximum success 
  • Correct approaches to underwriting 
  • Variable pay plans that maximize loan production 
  • Improve the Credit Union’s ROA 
  • Typical internal Lending Issues and how to overcome them 
  • Mistakes that cause unnecessary loan losses 
  • Successful Collections Strategies 
  • How to grow your direct auto portfolio

Innovate Your Loan Portfolio

Presented by Chad Miller

In this full-day workshop, you will learn the steps necessary to take in order to build, reimagine, and improve your suite of loan products. You will learn the necessary pieces of the puzzle that has led our credit union being awarded over $4 million in grant funding for our innovative loan products. We will cover what it takes to build or reimagine a loan product to fill the void for your members, from research to idea gathering to implementation this fun and discussion based training will leave you with concrete action steps to take back to your credit union to reach a new group of untapped members. The results are meant to increase your loan yield, loans-to-share ratio, and serve those who need you most.

Topics include:

  • Engaging your community
  • Understanding your member demographics
  • Risk appetite
  • Building strong community partnerships for referrals
  • The building blocks of an innovative loan product
  • Building your own financial counseling program