Build and Boost Your Credit Score Seminar

credit report

Building and maintaining a strong credit score is vital to financial wellness. Financial institutions and more utilize your credit score to determine:

  • Interest rate and terms on a loan
  • Maximum amount you can borrow in unsecured debt from a financial institution
  • Ability to rent an apartment
  • Premiums on auto and life insurance
  • Employment
  • And more.

Join us for this seminar to learn what items factor into your credit score, common mistakes that impact your score, and tips to build and boost your credit. At the end of the seminar you will have an opportunity to ask questions and meet with a Horizon expert to be able to conduct your own credit score analysis. 

Thursday, June 13

5:00pm Registration and Refreshments

5:30pm Presentation Starts

Holiday Inn - 100 Pine Street; Williamsport, PA 17701

This seminar is open to the public; Horizon membership is not required to attend. There is no cost to attend, advanced registration is required.

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