Grocery Score

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Picture This: You're standing at the starting line of a shopping adventure unlike any other. The clock is ticking, and your heart is racing. You're surrounded by the sights, sounds, and smells of a bustling grocery store. The excitement is palpable. This is no ordinary shopping trip - this is Grocery Score!

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At Grocery Score, the thrill of competition meets the joy of shopping. In this exciting event, you'll have the chance to race against the clock and navigate through the grocery store, gathering as many items as you can in just 2 minutes.

The challenge is set, and the competition is fierce. Only 15 lucky members will be chosen to participate in ourGrocery Score Challenge, and the strength of your relationship with us will play a crucial role in the number of entries you receive. One winner will be chosen per branch, per month for January, February, and March. All members not chosen for the current month will automatically be re-entered in the contest for the following month(s).

This fast-paced and fun-filled Grocery Score Challenge is the perfect way to kick start your savings. 

Get Ready to Score Big!

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