Decorating Your First Dorm Room On A Budget

Two girls decorating a dorm room

College dorm rooms can be quite drab, but who’s got the time or the money to do any serious decorating? Plus, school regulations can make anything that’s really creative an impossibility.

No worries; a beautiful, personalized and warm dorm room is within reach—and within budget. Follow our tips to learn how.

1. Layer inexpensive rugs

Rugs make any space look homey, but they can cost a pretty penny. Dress up your floors by layering smaller, cheaper rugs until you’ve covered all the bare space you need. Create a funky pattern using different colors and textures, and use the fluffiest rugs for bare-feet areas, such as near your bed. You’ll spruce up your space for less!

2. Use scarves instead of curtains

Love pretty window treatments but don’t love the price tag? Say goodbye to authentic curtains and hello to beautiful, inexpensive scarves! Pick up large, colorful scarves the next time they go on sale and hang them with a dowel rod. Window treatments, done!

3. Give every piece of furniture a dual purpose

Space can be severely limited in a dorm room. Use every inch wisely by having dual-purpose furniture. Think a storage ottoman to seat visiting friends and then stash your extra sweaters, or a filing cabinet that also serves as a nightstand. Get creative and use your space wisely!

4. Use Washi tape

Forget your iPhone or laptop; Washi tape is your true BFF while in college. This colorful paper tape can be removed without leaving any residue, and it can help you brighten up a dull place for just a few dollars. Use Washi tape to line your bookshelves, frame your posters or to decorate your appliances.

5. Add some nature

Dorm rooms can be really cold, so add some potted plants in any available space for a burst of life.