Identity Theft Protection

Identity theft makes you and your accounts vulnerable for years to come. Data breaches, where cyber criminals gain access to private information like your birth date and Social Security number, happen all too often. They can leave consumers scrambling under mounds of frustrating paper work and, potentially, in debt. Why let your personal data be exposed when you could sign up for identity theft protection through Horizon? It’s fast and simple to cover all of your accounts. And, as a credit union member, you know you’ll enjoy superior service and protection you can rely on for a low monthly fee.

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  • Continuous real-time monitoring to ensure your accounts are safe from theft.
  • We send text, phone, and email alerts as soon as we see any suspicious activity on your account(s).
  • Low monthly fee so that identity protection is affordable for any budget. 
  • Reimbursement of any stolen funds from your Horizon accounts.
  • Protection on all of your digital devices covers all the bases.

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