Mortgage Workshop

with Blaine Rada

Blaine RadaBlaine is an accomplished training professional with a unique ability to explain, coach and inspire, no matter how complex the topic. He develops and conducts versatile training sessions that teach key industry skills.

Previously, Blaine developed and managed a multi-format program of webinars and live training acclaimed throughout the industry at CMG Mortgage Insurance Company. He holds a Certificate in Distance Education from Indiana University and is a member of the National Speakers Association. Blaine has earned the Certified Speaking Professional (CSP) designation, a recognition held by fewer than 15% of professional speakers worldwide.


Day One of Workshop

Learning Objectives

  • What Starts Well Ends Well:
    How to Ensure a Smooth Transaction, using simple techniques to set loans up for success.
  • Should Do vs. Must Do:
    Using Common Sense to Understand the Guidelines. Take a deeper dive into the C’s of Underwriting providing unique perspectives on determining if the loan will be repaid.
  • Ten Tips that Turn the Tide in Your Favor:
    Ideas That Make the Difference for Success in a Changing Market. You’ll hear what high performers with stellar customer satisfaction ratings are doing to earn and keep recurring business. You’ll learn the disciplines necessary to elevate your skills as well as how to put together a plan to achieve your goals.

Day Two of Workshop

Learning Objectives

  • Appraisal Review:
    We’re Focusing on the Wrong Thing. This session will cut to the chase and provide the guidance necessary to answer the ultimate question: Is the property’s value supported?
  • Self-Employed Overview:
    An overview of the various business types and the forms required to determine income.
  • Sharpen Your Sales Skills:
    Learn effective selling skills and interpersonal techniques that earn you more business, attract better-quality loans
  • The Art of Better Decision Making:
    Making loan decisions, this session will highlight the mental skills necessary to make effective decisions in your work and life.

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