Marketing Classes

Amanda Thomas

Building a Winning Marketing Plan

Presented by Amanda Thomas
Wednesday & Thursday

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Do you find that your marketing plan is a lot of repeating the same things year after year? Do you feel like marketing is an unprofitable expense? This session details all of the must-have elements of a successful plan in order for marketing to be the most important and profitable investment your credit union makes.

Join us for this workshop to help you:

  • Prepare how to effectively construct your plan.
  • Determine ROI projections for your marketing and goal settings.
  • Learn the elements of an amazing plan.
  • Plus more.
Kat Anstine

Branding Your Credit Union

Presented by Kat Anstine
Monday & Tuesday

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Making a positive impact while attracting like-minded and loyal members, starts with branding. You have to be able to clearly articulate and show your ultimate purpose through every single touch point. It's important to know how to assess where your brand and marketing currently stands, discover your authentic and unique differentiation and identify consistent threads that start to form your brand's personality. By formulating how your credit union looks, feels and sounds, your team will know how to consistently demonstrate and live it. You’ll receive customizable templates, resources and enjoy real-time exercises that will prepare you to take your credit union to the next level.

  • Conducting a brand competitive analysis
  • Developing a marketing & content scorecard
  • Exploring branding exercises
  • Positioning rules and statement
  • Discussing brand and culture alignment