Leadership Classes

Dennis McIntee

Drama Free Leadership

Presented by Dennis McIntee
Monday & Tuesday

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Leading a high-trust, high-performance team that gets results is possible. It’s also possible to do it without putting in more hours and working harder. Creating an ownership culture free of drama, victim mentalities, and blame assigning helps leaders leverage their most valuable asset- -their team members. This interactive workshop will give you the practical skills you need to eliminate all the excuses not only from your team, but every relationship today.

Learning Objectives:

  • Discover the two trust-building skills necessary to create buy-in with your team
  • Understand how to remove emotion from situations to facilitate change
  • Develop the two skills for giving effective feedback that won’t leave your employees feeling defensive
  • Learn the coaching questions that are guaranteed to create ownership within your team
  • Increase your ability to discern motives so you can skip the drama and get to the heart of issues faster.
Celeste Cook

Executive Roundtable

Presented by Celeste Cook, founder and President/CEO of cuStrategies LLC

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Credit unions across the nation must find ways to become more innovative and relevant for growth, responsive to the needs of their members, and develop a strategic plan focused on growth, profitability, and member retention.

  • Explore a holistic leadership perspective to create a culture for long-term loan growth and profitability
  • Understand current economic trends and how they will impact your credit union
  • Identify the Seven P’s that impact growth, profitability, and member retention
  • Explore what you can do to become more strategic about lending
  • Discover ways to create win/win solutions to help grow your credit union
  • Determine the best approach to motivate and engage employees
  • Determine the best approach to become more relevant to retain existing members and attract new ones.
Celeste Cook

Leading Change for Growth

Presented by Celeste Cook, founder and President/CEO of cuStrategies LLC
Wednesday & Thursday

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Organizational change is one of today’s most difficult leadership challenges. Credit unions across the nation must find ways to lead and manage change as well as continual disruptions more efficiently and effectively. Successful credit unions must be quick and nimble in their efforts to be responsive to the ever-changing environment internally and externally.

  • Explore a holistic approach to leading and managing change
  • Identify obstacles that can impede the Change Process
  • Discover ways to overcome barriers and bottlenecks to better effectuate change
  • Explore key strategies to lead change effectively
  • Determine the best approach to get buy-in in the Organizational Change process