Accounting & Finance Classes

Andrew Okolski

ALM Management, Regulatory Scrutiny & Economic Trends

Presented by Andrew Okolski, Director of Credit Union and Municipality Strategies at The Baker Group LP
Monday & Tuesday

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Economic trends and regulatory decisions can have a direct impact on your credit union’s bottom line. CEOs and CFOs must proactively get ahead of the curve and develop a plan for success in each economic environment. Join us in this workshop as we explore the following:

  • Understand NCUA’s approach to risk management, past and present, to learn how your examiner views your credit union’s balance sheet.
  • Learn how to effectively monitor and manage your liquidity position.
  • Utilize historical balance sheet performance to forecast future rate sensitivities.
  • Net Economic Value and NEV Supervisory Test – Deep dive into the assumptions & methodologies that WILL impact your strategic options
  • Income Simulation – Understanding assumptions and interpreting your results to properly balance performance & risk
  • Learn how to put it all together – by building a successful and achievable strategic plan based on your ALM and regulatory positions.
Andrew PouslinNicole HaverlyRob Craig

Analytics Academy

Presented by Andrew Poulsen, Nicole Haverly, and Rob Craig at nCINO
Monday & Tuesday

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Spending too much time creating reports and too little time analyzing those to make better business decisions? Join us for nCino's Analytics Academy where our trainers will teach you how to create and execute a data strategy to mitigate your risk and ensure you're staying profitable and grow your organization. Join your peers to learn best practices for lending analysis and CECL implementation, study the intricacies of fair lending, and take a deep dive into leveraging deposit and customer analytics to make the biggest impact on your institution (plus learn how to adjust your allowance to the current financial crisis.) Up to 4 CPE credits will be offered for this workshop.

Areas of Focus:

  • Lending Analytics: Building out a data-driven lending organization that is prepared for any curveballs the economy or regulators may introduce requires a deliberate approach to data collection, aggregation, and reporting. In this segment, participants will learn how to build out a data and a reporting strategy to properly understand your loan portfolio.
  • Deposit & Customer Analytics: The need to understand the portion of your balance sheet that is the main funding source for your Lending and Investment initiatives is imperative to any organization's global success, and your data needs to support the educated decisions made to increase profitability and plan for future funding needs. This hands-on session will focus on how to effectively build out a deposit reporting system.
  • Fair Lending Analytics: Pricing Discrimination Analysis, Denial Analysis, Steering Ratio Analysis, Analyze Expected Interest Rate based on Probability of Race/Gender.
  • CECL (Current Expected Credit Loss): Ready or not, CECL will be here before we know it. This session will cover everything you need to know about the new accounting standard.
Andrew Okolski

Utilizing Wholesale Markets to Enhance Your Retail Business Lines

Presented by Andrew Okolski, Director of Credit Union and Municipality Strategies at The Baker Group LP
Wednesday & Thursday

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Remember our guiding principles, credit unions exist for our members. We can utilize wholesale markets to deliver real value as well as real dollars to your members. Join us in the workshop as we explore the following:

  • Learn how to maximize your options as a balance sheet manager with an Introduction to all wholesale markets
  • Understand how wholesale markets work and how to include them in your strategic initiatives
  • Discover ways to increase loan performance through participations and sales
  • Learn how to stabilize your funding through borrowing and non-member deposit strategies
  • Learn how to build an investment portfolio that enhances your performance and hedges your risks – Using your ALM results as a foundation
  • Understand how focusing directly on earnings can drive increased member value