Skip your December loan payment and put some extra cash back in your pocket!

Skip-A-Pay forms must be returned to the credit union prior to the due date of your loan(s) and we'll skip your HFCU December loan payment(s) just in time for the holidays. If your payments are made weekly, we will extend your due date by four payments; if it is biweekly, we will extend your due date by two payments; if your payments are monthly, we will extend your due date by one payment. Payments that are made through payroll deduction or direct deposit will be deposited into your share savings account for December.

  • Skip your December loan payment
  • Have more funds to work with for the holidays
  • Available for eligible loans, at least 6 months old:
  • Auto loans
  • Personal loans
  • Home equity loans
  • Loan will be extended for an additional month
  • Low fee of $25 for each loan payment you wish to skip
  • Will be conveniently deducted from your checking or savings

*Subject to approval. Delinquent members are not eligible. Available for auto, personal and home equity loans that are at least six months old. Not available on certificate, share secured, personal lines of credit, home equity lines of credit, MasterCard and first mortgages. All other terms and provisions of the original loan agreement will remain. There is a $25 processing fee per loan. Fee will be deducted from your share account or checking account.